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  • mandala
    Mandala Kitchen Offers 10-Week Culinary Training Program

    Mandala Kitchens offers free and low-cost 10-week Culinary Training programs to anyone wishing to develop skills in commercial or at-home kitchens.  While the program is open to everyon, there is an emphasis on training unemployed/underemployed, homeless,

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  • sugar hill green market
    Sugar Hill Greenmarket

    Locally grown fruits, vegetables and more. Where: 155th & St Nicholas Avenue, Broadway Housing When: Saturdays, 8am - 4pm Duration: July 25 - November 21, 2015

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  • download.php saving places august
    Saving Place Series: The Politics of Preservation

    The New York City Landmarks Law establishes a system for the designation, protection, and preservation of the city's most important architectural and historic properties. The law is implemented by the Landmarks Commission, which is mandated to work with

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  • preservation elte
    Saving Place: Is Preservation Elitist?

               While many of New York’s designated historic districts are known for their grand architecture (such as Brooklyn Heights and the Upper East Side), an increasing number of others – including Tin Pan Alley, Flushing, Weeksville,

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