Most Frequently Asked Questions

Accessibility to public transportation?
Hamilton Heights/West Harlem is served by numerous convenient subway and bus lines. In fact, we are only 15 minutes from midtown via the A and D subway lines.
Subway – IND lines A and D (Express), B and C (Local); IRT lines #1and #9.
Bus lines – M3, M18, M100 and M101

What is the quality of services in the community?
Hamilton Heights is served by high quality grocers (Fairway and in 2004, Pathmark) and an assortment of small restaurants, dry cleaners, and specialty shops. Admittedly, there are numerous opportunities for new and diversified businesses in the community to meet the growing demands of Hamilton Heights-West Harlem residents.

Do you expect some of the larger chain stores that are moving to 125th Street to move to Hamilton Heights?
Hamilton Heights is primarily a residential community. The lack of availability of large sized commercial space in commercial-zoned strips would appear to make the introduction of many large retail chains not feasible.

Isn’t drug trafficking still a significant problem in the area?
Significant progress has been made to reduce the drug trafficking in the area due to the diligence of police and community advocates.

Is it safe?
Generally, Hamilton Heights is relatively safe. Crime statistics for the neighborhood are low; however, one should exercise the same amount of caution and common sense as in any other area in New York City.

Is there a sense of community in Hamilton Heights?
Hamilton Heights is truly a community where everyone knows and interacts with their neighbors. It is a community of diverse cultures and ethnic groups and at any time one may observe a community working together whether it’s planning a block party or a parents and toddlers’ event or advocating for improved services at a community meeting.

What are the biggest quality of life issues facing homeowners/residents in Hamilton Heights?
Quality of life issues would be similar to other neighborhoods-safety, clean streets, noise, housing. The difference is that Hamilton Heights/West Harlem historically has been an underserved neighborhood and, although, there are many positive trends of change for the better over the last five years, there is still a long way to go. Hamilton Heights/West Harlem residents therefore are compelled to be actively engaged on issues that affect our quality of life.

Where is Hamilton Heights/Sugar Hill/West Harlem located?
The area from the Hudson River to the west and Bradhurst Avenue to the East, W 135th to the South, and W 155th to the North is generally referred to as Hamilton Heights.

The area between Amsterdam and Edgecombe Avenues, W. 145 to W 155th is generally referred to as Sugar Hill. Hamilton Heights encompasses Sugar Hill.

The upper Westside of Manhattan from 96th to 168th Street and Frederick Douglas Boulevard to the Hudson River, east to west, is loosely referred to as West Harlem. West Harlem encompasses the neighborhoods of Morningside Heights, Manhattanville, Hamilton Heights, Washington Heights/Inwood.