Quality of life issues impacting residents and visitors to the area are a primary focus of the CPO. Foremost has been crime and the CPO has fought for adequate uniformed services to combat this problem. Meetings at One Police Plaza in 2000 resulted in a new initiative which brought an increase of officers to the neighborhood. This initiative is on-going and its impact is being closely monitored.

Other issues and projects initiated or supported by the CPO have included:

* The CPO advocated for a supermarket that would maximize the site potential at 145th Street between Edgecombe and Frederick Douglas Boulevard. Special interests argued for a smaller facility, a type that is already over-represented in West Harlem. The CPO mobilized the community to write, petition and lobby for a larger supermarket. After several years of delays and continued community pressure, groundbreaking took place in the summer of 2003 and the maximum-sized supermarket is slated to be completed in 2004.

* The CPO has represented the community on issues at the Community Board, multiple city agencies, and most recently for two projects overseen by City College and the City College Architectural Center to improve the Broadway Malls and to develop and publish a catalogue of the cultural resources of upper Manhattan. Periodically, and as needed, the CPO coordinates community-wide meetings that address current problems. The CPO has organized meetings concerning illegal drug dealing and other crime issues, the proposed sanitation transfer station, and multiple meetings during the approval process of the creation and extension of area historic districts.