Government’s Impact on Historic Neighborhoods –
2024 Preservation Conference

Hosted by West Harlem Community Preservation Organization & Historic Districts Council Saturday, March 9, 20249:00 a.m. – 3:00 pmThe City College of New York Breakfast and a light lunch will be provided  AIA continuing education credit available for each panel provided by Brooklyn AIA – How do communities within New York City navigate significant government initiatives

2023 West Harlem Historic Preservation Conference: Harlem and the Future 2

“Harlem and the Future 2: Preserving Culture & Sustaining Historic Character in a Changing Environment” will discuss the current state of housing, neighborhood character, cultural identity, and houses of worship in a changing environment of city policies, development pressures, and displacement at the intersection of historic preservation. Harlem One Stop and the West Harlem Community

The forgotten history of Jewish Harlem

At the beginning of the 20th century, Harlem’s Jewish community was the third-largest in the world, just behind Warsaw, Poland, and the Lower East Side. When you think of the northern Manhattan neighborhood spanning the tip of Central Park to 155th Street, you might picture all that has embodied Harlem history: Duke Ellington’s music, Langston

CARE (Carbon Avoided Retrofit Estimator) Tool Quantifies Carbon Benefit and Value of Reuse

Building reuse represents a significant opportunity to avoid carbon emissions in the critical near term, but until recently, quantifying the carbon “savings” in a retrofit or reuse versus new construction has been arduous, often fraught with inaccuracy, and lacking in standardized methodology. Architecture 2030’s CARE (Carbon Avoided Retrofit Estimator) Tool has dramatically streamlined the process,