As most large initiatives require several months and sometimes years between proposal, implementation and completion, the CPO relies on short-term projects such as the improvement of the street landscape to reinforce the message that our community cares about our surroundings. For example, planting flowers in tree pits or conducting tree surveys to replace or add trees to blocks. Over 200 trees have been requested from NYC Parks and Recreation for neighborhood blocks over the last few years resulting in greener and more attractive blocks. The CPO worked with the Hamilton Heights Homeowners Association to plant flowers in the tree pits on W 145th.

Other beautification projects have included advocating and working with the Parks Department for the total reconstruction of two park medians in Hamilton Heights: Johnny Hartman Plaza (Amsterdam Ave and 143rd) and Donnellan Square (St Nicholas Ave and 150th). Both parks have been upgraded and now provide attractive sitting areas for community residents. These park medians are also the sites for two of the neighborhood’s holiday tree lightings sponsored by the CPO.