The CPO continues to be the leading community sponsor and advocate of landmarking and preservation issues in West Harlem. A major accomplishment includes the designation of the Hamilton Heights Historic District extension and the creation of the Hamilton Heights-Sugar Hill Historic District. The CPO was instrumental in nominating and overseeing the data collection and application of the Sugar Hill Historic District to the State and National Register of Historic Places.

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The CPO also provides assistance and referral services to property owners in the historic districts while continually seeking funding for projects to ensure the maintenance and preservation of the neighborhood’s cultural history and architectural treasures.

At the instigation of the CPO, replica vintage lampposts were installed in the historic district through funding provided by City Councilmember Stanley Michels, Assemblyman Keith Wright and Borough President, C. Virginia Fields.

The CPO was awarded the first Historic Districts Council Grassroots Preservation Award in 2000 for exemplary service to community preservation in New York City.